C factory-Rolex Submariner3135 movement evaluation

For Rolex Submariner, the most popular replica watch manufacturers come from this factory c, and there are many watch styles under it, such as journal, Greenwich, Daytona and so on.
Of course, the workmanship of each watch is at the current ceiling level, and the details are also in place. Good accessories are the key, but the original C factory is famous for its accessories.
The C factory Submariner shared today is also a hot-selling watch of C factory. At the same time, in terms of size, there are two sizes of 40 and 41 to choose from.

The development history of Rolex Submariner in factory C is actually very simple. For this manufacturer, it is also a new factory. resource. In addition to the problems of many replica watch manufacturers last year, it also provided a certain foundation for the development of this C factory, especially the problems of VS factory and N factory.
At the same time, while Factory C opened molds for old watches, it also opened molds for new models, that is, the new Rolex on September 1 last year, which made its watches very rich in styles, which also reflected Factory C’s market acumen. !
At the same time, in terms of details, the workmanship of Factory C is also very good, restoring the original details to the maximum extent.

The Rolex Submariner watch of factory C has 40 and 41 sizes in terms of size, and the two sizes of watches are also corresponding to the original old and new styles.
In terms of material, the watch is made of 904 stainless steel. Of course, this 904 stainless steel is also the material used by replica watch manufacturers. 904 steel has better wear resistance than 316 steel, and 904 steel is carefully compared with 316 steel. The steel is more lustrous. Of course, this is a careful comparison between the two watches. Of course, there is really no difference with the naked eye.

As for the outer bezel, the design highlight of the latest version of the Rolex Submariner from Factory C is the green color. Compared with the genuine bezel, there is basically no color difference. Many versions on the market now want to use this bezel. , after all, there is a problem with most replicas on the market. That is, all re-engraved luminous pearls are fixed by glue, so as the wear time is long, the luminous pearls will fall off, not to mention the problem of green color difference. Yiyi’s technology not only improves the green contrast, but also increases the stability of the luminous pearl, eliminating the problem of shedding.

For the mirror, this time the mirror is made of sapphire crystal glass, which is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. The transparency is extremely high, which increases the smoothness and transparency of the sapphire magnifying glass. At the same time, there is a hidden small crown at the six o’clock position of the watch mirror. The overall details of the watch are also very good!
At the same time, the radial pattern on the overall watch dial is also very clear, the literal aspect of the watch is also very three-dimensional, and the scale is also very clear!

As for the case of the overall watch, this time the watch is also polished very well. The overall shell is made of original 904L stainless steel, which is more resistant to corrosion and oxidation, and is resistant to wear and flowers. Many places have been treated with high-strength wire drawing. Thanks to the original mold opening, the chamfer and arc fit are close to the original. Perfectly restore the original feel and temperament, the size and thickness are basically the same as the genuine product, the inside of the watch strap is equipped with clear lettering, and the details are also in place!
At the same time, a screw-in crown is also added to the crown of the watch. The left and right sides of the crown are protected by shoulder guards. The surrounding gears help to increase the winding feel. The classic ROLEX crown engraved on the top of the crown has the same size and position, and the engraving is subtle and clearly visible. , It feels bumpy to the touch!

The back cover of the Rolex Submariner of Factory C still adopts a dense bottom design, with a classic stainless steel bottom cover. At the same time, the combination of polishing and wire drawing technology improves the texture of the whole watch. The 3135 movement used in this watch, in the past, The 3135 movement in the watch industry is synonymous with instability. Now it has overcome this problem. At present, the travel time of 3135 can be said to be very stable, and the details of the overall watch are also in place. Note here that the 41-size watch movement is 3235 movement!

As for the strap, the details are also in place. At the same time, when the extension buckle is opened, the inner side is replaced with the same black ceramic particles as the original one. The texture of the buckle is relatively tight and the sound is loud. Many versions of the small crown on the buckle are welded. Yes, Factory C adopts a one-piece molding that is not easy to fall off, and the three-dimensional effect is perfect, making it impossible to tell whether it is true or false at a glance, and the details are even more excellent!