C factory Rolex Submariner real shot evaluation

For Rolex Submariner, for watch styles, there is ordinary Submariner stainless steel, and at the same time it is a gold Submariner.
The charm of each watch is different. What I will share today is this hot gold Submariner. The popularity of this watch has also attracted countless replica watch factories to open models one after another, such as The earlier N factory, AR factory, GM factory, VR factory, and the clean factory we are talking about today.
For this factory, it will be directly replaced by C factory in the following. For this factory, it is also a very popular watch style in the replica watch market. fire.

How is the workmanship of the gold Submariner between Rolex and Factory C?
As for the quality of the watch or how well it is reproduced, it is necessary to evaluate the watch from the aspect of the workmanship of the watch, and the aspect of the watch movement.
Factory C has also been recognized by other manufacturers for the details of the overall watch. As a result, many manufacturers have directly cooperated with Factory C, that is, directly using C accessories, such as bezels, such as literals.
Of course, this factory mainly makes letters and rings. At the same time, the price of a single small part can be thousands of dollars. It can be seen that the strength of its mold opening. The workmanship of C factory is also very good, no matter the details are restored to the maximum extent. The details of the genuine version are mentioned. At the same time, the movement also uses the 3135 movement this time. For this movement, the function is also completely synchronized with the genuine version. From the inside to the outside, this C factory is still very good.

First of all, in terms of material, 904 steel is used this time. At the same time, the polishing of the overall watch is also very good, and the case is also very smooth. This is also with the help of the AR factory, because for the 904 mold, the earliest It is from the AR factory. At the same time, the Daytona of the C factory is using the AR factory steel belt. It can be seen that the accessories of today’s replica watches are basically universal.

As for the crown, it still adopts the design of screwing in and locking, which also ensures the waterproof of the watch. Note here that for the use of this crown, it must be pressed vertically during later use. Slowly lock the crown, and at the same time wind up slowly, don’t be too impatient, these are the correct ways to use the watch!

The design of the outer ring is Rolex’s forte in Factory C. The bezel of the overall watch is polished to a very textured finish. At the same time, the design of the ceramic ring is also relatively excellent in the replica watch industry. The sound of the overall bezel rotation is also relatively crisp. The details of the watch are still in place!
The golden scale and triangular pit patterns are all made of 18K vacuum plating. The coating is very thick. The texture of the bezel is very good. It is definitely not a small factory product with a matte tone. It also avoids the embarrassment of easy fading during later use. situation!

For the mirror, the sapphire mirror is still used this time. The Rolex Submariner’s sapphire mirror is also the standard configuration of replica watches nowadays. At the same time, there is also a hidden Rolex logo at six o’clock!

The classic three-needle structure is also adopted for the literal aspect of the overall watch. The bar-shaped scale printing on the dial surface is regular and accurate. The three-dimensional hour markers and hands on the dial surface are filled with luminous materials. .

For the watch strap, the overall watch is also made of 904 stainless steel, and the gold details are also in place. Of course, this is also the highlight of the watch.
For the bottom cover, factory C is still designed for density this time. Of course, this is also the classic structure of Rolex, and it also has the function of deep waterproof.
At the same time, regarding the movement, Factory C also adopted the Super 3135 movement, and the function of this movement is also synchronized with the genuine one.