3K factory Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711tiffany

For Patek Philippe, it also has the title of watch king. This time, Nautilus also released another big news. In April this year, Patek Philippe released the green disk 5711 Nautilus, which has a production cycle of only one year. It is the last 5711. After one year, this model will be completely discontinued, but what is unexpected is that in the last month of 2021, Patek Philippe dropped another blockbuster and released a joint collaboration with its old buddy Tiffany. 5711 with a sky blue dial.

To celebrate the 170th anniversary of the partnership between the two companies, this watch is limited to 170 pieces and is only available at Patek Philippe Tiffany boutiques in New York, Beverly Hills and San Francisco, USA!
Of course, this watch was also auctioned at a high price of 41 million, which is also the highest watch in the auction history. At the same time, the watch is only sold to Tiffany’s big customers, which shows how big Patek Philippe is.
Of course, the popularity of watches has also attracted the attention of the 3K replica watch factory. At the same time, Patek Philippe, the 3K factory, is also the first to open a mold for this Nautilus. After all, this Nautilus is not something you can experience with money. Yes, this really requires a certain amount of strength, and it has been limited. It is basically impossible to get the genuine version, but this time the 3K factory will definitely be able to detoxify it for you!

What are the advantages of 3K factory Patek Philippe Nautilus Tiffany? In fact, for the mold opening of this watch, the 3K factory is also familiar with the road. After all, except for the different literal colors this time, other details are basically the same, so this time the 3K mold opening , is also very in place.
We all know that Tiffany was not only a jeweler but also a famous dealer in the early days. They not only cooperated with Patek Philippe, but also had deep cooperation with many brands, such as Rolex.

Tiffany has been an official partner of Patek Philippe since 1851, and it has just passed its 170th anniversary. As for the official price of this watch, it is about 340,000 RMB. Will be super expensive.

First let’s talk about the advantages of these two versions, and then let’s talk about the disadvantages. The advantage of these two versions is that they both use an all-in-one machine. Both 3K and PPF reduce the thickness of the Nautilus to about 8mm. The difference is that the thickness of the PPF is 8.6. mm, the thickness of 3K is 8.3mm, the difference in thickness is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, but it can be seen that the thickness control of 3K Nautilus is better.
There is not much difference between the two manufacturers in terms of appearance and polishing. For the modification of the movement, 3K Nautilus adopts the 324SC movement. This movement is better than the PPF movement in terms of rear projection. The above shows that PPF has various parameters. It is indeed lost to the 3K factory. The 3K factory is better in the static state, but the 3K Nautilus movement will be particularly loud because of the modification, so if you have no grudges about this, you can give priority to the 3K factory replica watch. Of course, the 3K factory is also excellent in terms of workmanship details!